A Quality Ophthalmic Frame & Lens Supplier Exclusive to the Canadian Independent ECP, a ‘Strategic and Creative way to Grow’ providing Single Point Source Affordable Eyewear Solutions for ‘Your Practice’.

We are Extremely Proud to be an Accredited Supplier with both The Optical Group and Digital ECP and Encourage all Independent ECP’s to Become a Member.

To Set Up an Account and Begin Saving, Simply ‘Click Here’ or on Our ‘Contact Us’ Page and Fill in Your Contact Information.  We Will Contact You Back Within 24 Hours.

The Best Products, Value & Expertise In The Industry

A Different Approach

Our Ophthalmic Spirit of Expertise spans 35 years including Frame and Lens Manufacturing, Global Product Sourcing, Wholesale Distribution and Most Importantly ‘ECP Practice Ownership’.

Unlike most companies and suppliers, ‘We Have Actually Walked in Your Shoes’, recognize the importance and need of doing business ‘Sitting on the Same Side of the Table’, not from across. We Welcome YOU by Name, not by an assigned Account number.

Our Business Model and Approach is Very Unique and is Centred around YOU, the Independent ECP.  As we are also a Small Fish Enterprise in a Big Sea, that Special Entrepreneurial Passion and Relentless Drive to Succeed is What Motivates us to be Distinctly Different Individuals.

We take great Pleasure from signing our Own Paychecks, embracing every Role and Responsibility required to run our Operations successfully.

PARTNERx EYEWEAR is here to serve YOU, and in turn We Hope YOU will Support Us and Enjoy Mutual long term Success.  How can We Help YOU?

There is MUCH More planned to Launch Very Soon!  So please Check back here often.

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6 New High Fashion Extreme Value Frame Lines

As a Product Distribution and Solutions Company, we offer a Multitude of High Quality Branded Eyewear Products including 6 New Lines of High Fashion Xtreme Value Ophthalmic Frames Designed and Targeted for the Independent ECP Canadian Market, Exclusively through PARTNERx EYEWEAR.

  • Serafina Eyewear
  • MAXX Eyewear
  • Lite Designs
  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Eight to Eighty
  • Kids Twist – NEW!
  • Affordable Designs
  • No minimum orders
  • Great Member Discounts with The Optical Group and Digital ECP


These New Products are Designed to Provide Maximum Margin and 100% Patient Retention, backed by an Incredible Warranty Policy. Never Lose a Single Sale to Online or Chain retailers again. Frame Catalog is available online by clicking here.  Contact Us directly for incredible savings without sacrificing Modern Styling and Quality. 

Quality Rx Uncut & Stock Lenses

Very Proud to Launch our Wholesale Lab Lens Cost Pricing Concept Direct to ECP’s, an Industry First! YOU Pick Your Price Point and Warranty Levels!  Unlike All Other Lens Companies that Offer Super High Inflated List Prices then Categorize Where You Fit In with a Measly Month End Discount, OUR Approach is Much Different with Ultra-Low Price Points Built From the Bottom Up with an All You Can Buy Option at Lab Cost for a Flat-Rate Monthly Fee.  PARTNERx Eyewear Ensures ‘You’ are Getting the Best Return On ‘Your Practice Investment’ in all aspects. 

All of Your Lens Orders are Placed Through Your Own Customized Lens Order Portal with Live Job Tracking.  With Simple Drop Down Menus, You Can Access over 700 Lens Types, Coatings and Treatments.

Your Personal Lens Order Portal Includes Access to:

  • Rx Uncuts & Stock  Lenses
  • Bifocals & Trifocals
  • High-End PALS with Custom  Engravings
  • VALU-COMBO Packs 
  • Lowest Costs
  • Staff Lens Training
  • Transitions™ in All Colors
  • XTRACTIVE™ Polarized
  • Polarized Solid
  • Polarized Gradient
  • 9 Quality AR Coatings
  • 15 Mirror Coatings
  • 45 Tint Options